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About Us

JVS Asia Inc. was established in November 1991 to be the exclusive franchisee of Marithe Francois + Girbaud.
In 2006, JVS Asia Inc. transferred its operation to MFG Manille Inc.
Currently MFG Manille Inc. has expanded its retail stores in the country to 43 stores and counting.

Marithe Bachellerie and Francois Girbaud have been a designing duo for forty five years.
They have always shared an intense fascination with all things American, especially cowboy clothing.
Marithe and Francois are dedicated to crafting an innovative, valuable product. They constantly research and test new fabrics, new washe, and new shapes.
It is an revolutionary process.

Their inspiration comes from people in all walks of life. They are avid travelers, absorbing cultures and ethic nuances.
This is a springboard for their designs.
They possess a special knack for touching the spirit of the times in which we live.
That is their genius!